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Useful Fly Fishing Resources

Orvis Animated Knot Series - This handy little webpage, is hard to find, but a great resource for learning how to tie some essential fly fishing knots. What's really nice is that it's animated and you can back up and replay parts of the tie that you missed the first time through. One of the big problems with learning to tie knots from a book is the projection of three dimensional movements in two dimensions - the animation overcomes that problem. It includes: the Perfection Loop, Nail Knot, Blood Knot and five more. Also, it has knot uses and a written explanation.

Sexyloops - This is a great website with a huge assortment of information about fly fishing, probably the most comprehesive and technically best information you'll find. Many famous folks in the world of fly casting contribute articles and commentary in the online forums. Submit a youtube video of yourself casting to the Flycasting forum and you'll get good advice about how to improve your cast. Be warned, the language can get a little off color at times.

Texas Parks And Wildlife - This is the definitive guide to all things about fishing and wildlife in the state of Texas. Texas has over 10 large rivers that flow to the Gulf of Mexico as well as an abundance of lakes. TPWD is responsible for the conservation and management of these waterways. In addition, Texas has an excellent state park system, great places to go on fishing excursions.

Texas Fly Fishing Guides:

Chris Shafer - Brazos River Fly Fishing - 254-836-8864 - The website is gone, but as far as I can tell Chris is still around. The stretch of the Brazos River below the Whitney Dam, just west of Waco, has some of the best river bass fishing in Texas. You can expect to catch plenty of Spotted, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass during a day pounding the shoreline and brush piles on the river. Chris Shafer has been guiding this river for many years. Formerly, Chris was a tournament bass fisherman, who settled down at the Little Rocky Lodge on the south shore of Lake Whitney. Book a trip with him and plan on spending 8-10 hours in his jon boat propelled by a trolling motor catching lots of fish. No perch on this trip, you'll be casting large deer hair poppers or Fat Frogs.

Kevin Hutchinson - Hill Country Fly Fishers - 512-589-3474 - Hill Country Flyfishers was founded on the simple premise that everyone can enjoy fly fishing. In Kevin's 20+ years as a guide and casting instructor, he has helped countless first-timers and seasoned fly fishers catch the fish of their dreams. No matter what your experience level, we can custom design a trip on a scenic Hill Country river.

Our home fly fishing club, Texas Fly Fishers uses Kevin to guide us on outings on the Llano and San Marcos Rivers, which are two of his specialties.

Favorite Fly Fishing Lodgings:

Mark Rents Cabins in the Pecos River Valley We've been traveling to New Mexico for over 20 years. Our first exposure to the Pecos River Valley happened during the first fly fishing outing we had with High Desert Angler's Jarrett Sasser in the late 1990s. In 2003, I found Mark Rents Cabins when I was looking for a place in the valley that wasn't a bed and breakfast - someplace where we could enjoy the Santa Fe National Forest and the Pecos Wilderness and everything that's there without having to drive to and from Santa Fe. We have returned annually and extended our stays from one week to four weeks.

Lela and Mark McFerrin own and operate about 7 or 8 cabins in the valley from the Windy Bridge (Mile marker 10) to Terrero (Mile marker 19). Each cabin is fully equipped with everything you'll need, except provisions and fishing gear. For many of the cabins, there's a hot tub. Our favorite cabin is the Trout Lodge, which is on a four or five acre piece of land with two other cabins. The Trout Lodge has enough space to comfortable handle 6 people, though four will have to sleep in one bedroom. One of the many features of this property is that there's about 100 yards of river front, which is a reliable place to go during the day to catch half a dozen or more trout.

If you're interested in a long term stay - more than a week, you should make sure that you book the cabin early in the year. The more popular cabins book quickly. The cabins open up in May and most are available until October. One cabin is open year around. If you book, let Lela know that you heard about the cabins from David Lemke.

Local Fly Shops:

Bayou City Angler - Independently owned fly shop inside the 610 loop. Ask for Stacy Lynn.
3641 Westheimer Road, Suite A, Houston, TX 77027
Phone: 832-831-3104

Cut Rate Fishing Tackle Unlimited - Independently owned fishing tackle store which carries fly fishing tackle and conventional tackle. One location on the Gulf Freeway at Fuqua and another located on the Katy Freeway between Bingle and Voss behind Carter Country.
Gulf Freeway phone: (281) 481-6838 ask for Andy Packmore
Katy Freeway phone: (713) 827-7762 ask for Mike Barbee