texas fly fishing school instruction


Private & Group Lessons

Individual Private Lessons
The individual private lesson is the most efficient and effective way to become an accomplished fly caster.  As a beginner,  a series of one to two hour lessons can help you progress quickly through the basics of fly casting to the point that you’re able to use fly casting skills for fly fishing.  Individualized instructional plans are developed with your personal skills in mind.  The private lesson focuses on your individual needs, rather than those needs of a larger group.

As an experienced fly caster, whether you’re an intermediate trying to tighten your loops and get more distance or you’re an advanced fly caster seeking to achieve an instructor certification, the individual private lesson provides a focus on specific skills that are required to move you to the next skill level.

Group Private Lessons
The group private lesson is a great way for people with similar skill levels to learn together. Because there is a higher student to teacher ratio than in individual lessons, each individual student gets less personal instruction, but a greater opportunity to explore new skills in a structured environment.  Also there is a benefit from knowledge gained through other student’s experiences and diversity in ability.  Generally, the smaller the group, the richer the learning experience.  Class sizes greater than 5 students will require additional instructors.

Rod Demonstration
Choosing a fly fishing gear can be challenging.  Standing in the parking lot testing rods is not the best way to make a choice that can cost you $200 - $1000.  We offer the opportunity to test out a variety of different fly rods and lines at rates less than our lesson rates.