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Rod Demo Program

Are you confused about which rod is right for you?  You’re not alone; most people that buy their first fly rod aren’t sure how to select the right rod for themselves.  It’s not very easy to test a fly rod in the parking lot in front of the fly shop and it’s hard to choose without plenty of time to cast. 

The Texas Fly Fishing School offers a rod demo program, designed to help a novice or intermediate fly fisherman make an educated fly rod choice, ultimately reducing the overall cost of choosing the wrong rod.  We have a wide assortment of rods from manufacturers like Sage, Scott, Winston and Echo that you can rent at a reasonable rate for up to six weeks.  During the rental period, you can swap out the rod as often as you want.  Once you’ve decided on a rod, we’ll make recommendations of dealers where you can get the best value for the rod you’ve selected.

The right choice of fly rod also requires some casting skills.  Before you take advantage of the rod demo program, sign up for our Beginner Casting Workshop.

We also offer the Echo Micro Practice Rod for sale for those students who want to practice between lessons, but want to wait until they can make the right rod choice.

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